ISSF TARGET SPRINT - A New Sport for All Event

A new name and new competition for the ISSF Run & Shoot event was announced today. ISSF TARGET SPRINT will now be the branding tag for this action-filled ISSF Sport for All event. And the ISSF is organizing a TARGET SPRINT Grand Prix in Munich (GER) in May in conjunction that is open to international participation.

ISSF TARGET SPRINT combines athletes’ precision shooting and running abilities.  The new event mixes air rifle shooting and middle distance running.  It requires participants to be fast, accurate shooters and to possess outstanding physical fitness. 


How does  ISSF TARGET SPRINT work?

ISSF Target Sprint participants begin each event with a mass start and a fixed distance run.  At the end of the first run, normally 600 meters, they stop at a 10-meter air rifle range where they must pick up their rifles and shoot at and hit five knockdown targets from standing position.  More than five shots are often required to hit all five targets, but that adds to the shooting time. There are no penalties, but the sooner you finish shooting, the sooner you can start running your next lap. At the end of the second run, participants must shoot another five targets before beginning the third and final running stage.  The final rankings are clear and easy to understand.  The athlete who completes the three running stages and two shooting stages and who is the first at the finish line is the winner.


First ISSF TARGET SPRINT competition to take place in May.

The new event will have its official 2013 inauguration during the 2013 ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup Munich, that will take place on 23-30 May at the Hochbrück Olympic Shooting Range. The ISSF TARGET SPRINT competition will be conducted on the 26 May.  Participation is open and more than 40 athletes have already registered to compete.  World Cup participants who are interested in trying TARGET SPRINT are invited to bring their running shoes and clothing to Munich and give it a try.


“A Sport for All event” ISSF President said.

ISSF President Olegario Vazquez Raña said “We are developing ISSF TARGET SPRINT under the rubric of Sport for All, which is a program now being strongly promoted by the IOC.  We were looking for a new event that combines marksmanship and fitness, can be staged outdoors, and is accessible to everybody.”


“A pair of running shoes is all you need.  Everything is designed to keep costs down for the athletes. The ISSF will provide targets and single-shot air rifles,” ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber said.


“The game is as easy as it looks. Competitors will run on a track or running path and then stop at the air gun range to shoot at falling targets on their assigned firing points. There are no complicated scoring systems; the first athlete to cross the finish line is the winner.” Mr Schreiber concluded.

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