London 2012 Shooting venue wins design award

AIA UK Excellence in Design Award went to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Shooting Ranges.

The design for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Shooting Ranges won the AIA UK Excellence in Design Award. The awarded designers were magma architecture's Lena Kleinheinz and Martin Ostermann (who also designed the Al Qasba Theatre in the UAE).

The prestigious award was assigned to the shooting complex, in recognition of the great design of the three temporary and mobile arenas that accommodated the 10, 25 and 50 meters shooting competitions at the 2012 Olympics.


“The design of the shooting venue - said Lena and Martin on their website - was driven by the desire to evoke an experience of flow and precision inherent in the shooting sport through the dynamically curving space.”


The three ranges come in a white double curved membrane façade featuring plenty of colure openings, which are used as tensioning rings, ventilation intakes and doorways at ground level. The façades are up to 107 meters long, while the phthalate-free pvc membrane is about 18.000 m² wide. Plus, its stretched double-curvature format prevents the façade from flapping in the wind.


Finally, another important peculiarity was the smooth and soft appearance of the buildings, communicating the bright and positive attitude of the Olympics. That is one of the many reasons which made possible for Shooting to have such a great a success at the past London Games.


The award was released by the AIA (the American Institute of Architects, who run a UK Chapter) on April 23th in London.