ISSF Training Academy: D Course success in Dublin

Twenty coaches from Ireland and Great Britain attended the 10th ISSF D course for Regional Coaches hosted by the Irish Clay Pigeon Shooting Association in Dublin, Ireland.

The course was conducted by ISSF Training Academy tutor Mr. Kevin Kilty with the support of the Olympic Council of Ireland, Coaching Ireland and the Irish Sports Council. Mr. Kilty took the coaches through the shooting technique for shotgun which he richly illustrated through a series of case studies and workshops where the coaches were given scenarios to work through. Dr. Paula Fitzpatrick from Dublin City University gave the  physical training module to wide acclaim for tailoring the presentation specifically for the shooting sports.

A key feature of the course is to give coaches a structured methodology in how to approach coaching sessions and the importance of planning and organisation. The use of a coaches diary was examined and many examples of the benefits of using the diary were given along with templates for the coaches to begin using themselves.

The course was well received with Coaching Ireland, the Irish national coach licencing authority, who were present for the course to evaluate it for recognition as a national shooting coach licence for Ireland.

“We are very grateful to the ISSF and Mr. Kilty for conducting this course and we are confident that this is the start of a formal coach licencing process for the Olympic shooting sports here in Ireland.” said General Secretary of the ICPSA Mr. John McCormack.