Heinz-Helmut Fischer elected as new President of the Deutscher Schützenbund

ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber attended the General Assembly of the German Shooting and Archery Federation (DSB) which elected Heinz-Helmut Fischer as the new DSB President.

The General Assembly of the DSB, the German Shooting and Archery Federation elected with 92% of the votes Heinz-Helmut FISCHER.  Mr. FISCHER was the former Vice-President and had to take over the running of the federation when President Josef AMBACHER passed away in September last year.

During the assembly a special remembrance took place for Mr. AMBACHER by a very emotional speech from Mr. FISCHER.

The General Assembly was held in Potsdam and was attended by many high profile guests including the H.S.H. Andreas Prince of Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha and the Prime Minister from Brandenburg, Mr Matthias PLATZECK.

The Secretary General of the ISSF, Franz Schreiber attended the General Assembly and was joined for the first time by Tom Dielen, World Archery’s Secretary General.
In his speech,  the ISSF Secretary General stressed the excellent work done by the DSB in the area of organizing events such as the nationwide club day where 4400 clubs participated last year and which is scheduled once more for this year. 

The second important decision of the day was the unanimous acceptance of the new statutes of the DSB.  This change was necessary to make the federation more apt to adapt to modern changes in elite sport while protecting the heritage of the shooting and archery sport. The change also gave a clear attribution to the vice-presidents which are now responsible for a particular domain.  All vice-presidents were afterwards elected with the exception of the vice-president for Youth which will be elected in September at a youth assembly.

The day concluded with a parade in the City of Potsdam showing the rich tradition of the DSB.  The DSB is the 4th biggest national federation in Germany and among the top 3 Archery federations in World Archery.

Press release of the DSB