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Spotlight on Youth - Brown: new experiences bringing him forward

ISSF World Cup Rifle / Pistol · Munich, GER

USA's Will Brown just competed for 50m Pistol, in spite of his recent Fort Benning win at the 10m Pistol event. A new experience for the young shooter, aiming to new goals.

Will Brown is back. After entering - and winning, at his debut in an ISSF Final Round - the 10m Air Pistol Gold medal match in Ft. Benning, the American shooter took part in another Final. That was about today's 50m Pistol Men event in Munich, Germany. Not the same outcome as in the United States, but anyway satisfying – Brown being at his first time in this discipline – and featuring an unexpected occurence.

The 21-year-old Brown has already proved his temper in Fort Benning, when – right after his career first medal – he just said that “winning was the plan”. Just like if competing with way older and more experienced athletes - and defeating them - was only a regular task.

Now, at the following Rifle and Pistol World Cup, another call was waiting for Will: 50m Pistol. Not the discipline he's the most familiar with, but a new challenge to test his skills.

The results may not have made Will really happy - he came 7th out of 8 participants, with a 93.2 final score – but he was actually fine with the overall experience: “Not too bad: that was just my first 50m Pistol Final”, he said after the match, which also gave him the chance to face a new situation.

In fact – after 8 shots – Brown was tied in the standings with South Korea's Jin Jongoh. Only one of them would have stayed in the game, while the other would have left it; all to be determined by a shoot-off. One versus one. And Will won. “I didn't have a great start, but the shoot-off was a good experience”, he said.

Something new than the previous World Cup, that set Will's mind on the game: “I was more focused here, - he said – Munich is a great place for shooting. I guess this sport is less well known in the States than it is in Europe. Back home it's just like a recreational activity, while here it's more a serious sport.”

Now, Brown just wants to “keep moving forward” - as he said - and will definitely try his best to reach new goals. Starting from next Tuesday, when the 10m Air Pistol event will be contested here in Munich, and Brown will try to repeat his great Fort Benning performance. And then? “Hopefully – continued Will - I'll be there for the World Cup in Granada this July.”

If you ever happen not to find Will, you know where to look for him: always forward.

Alessandro Ceschi


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