Finals 25m Pistol Women

Spotlight on Youth - Not the Gold, but the story

ISSF World Cup Rifle / Pistol · Munich, GER

Jo Un Mi - today's 25m Pistol Women youngest finalist - didn't stand out for any medal, but for a historical duel.

This afternoon was not an easy time for Jo Un Mi - the 19-year-old shooter taking part in the 25m Pistol Women event at the ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup, now being contested in Munich, Germany. The North Korean athlete didn't make it to the podium, whose highest step was taken by China's Yuan Jing (after a completely Chinese Gold medal match). Even withouth reaching any medal, Jo – the youngest finalist (together with Poland's Tomala) - emerged anyway, winning an incredible shoot-off against Georgia's Salukvadze.

The North Korean shooter found herself in a 4th place tie with Nino Salukvadze - Georgia's 1988 Olympic Champion - right before the elimination, at the end of the semifinal. Therefore, a tie-breaker was needed to find out who was going to run for the Bronze medal.

Jo – being a novice – didn't immediately understand the situation, so she did not shoot at all. On the other hand, Salukvadze didn't take advantage of her opponent's mistake, incredibly not hitting any target out of five.

The tie was not broken and another shoot-off was needed: Jo was now told se had to shoot, but she incurred into an allowed malfunction, which didn't permit her to shoot - once again. A few stands away from her, Salukvadze missed the whole series - one more time.

When it came to repeat the series - due to the malfunction - Jo only hit 1 target, and that was it: no more shots to go for Salukvadze. The 19-year-old shooter Jo – at her debut in an ISSF Final round - outdid her (way more experienced) opposing competitor Salukvadze (48-time World Cup Stage finals in her career), after an unbelievable series of shots.

Jo is not coming back home with a Gold medal, but – definitely - with a great story to tell!

Alessandro Ceschi


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