ISSF Athletes Committee elections: the candidates / how to vote

The ISSF has received 13 nominations from its member federations for the Athletes Committee elections. Elections will take place during the forthcoming ISSF World Championship in Granada, Spain. Find out when and where to vote, and download the candidates' curricula.

The International Shooting Sport Federation will hold elections for the ISSF Athletes Committee during the 51st World Shooting Championship in Granada (ESP).


Thirteen athletes have been nominated by our ISSF Member Federations as candidates within the deadline (23rd of August). Nominations are now closed.


During the ISSF World Championship in Granada, each accredited athlete in the senior (open) categories is entitled to vote.


Elections will be held at the Athletes Election Booth (next to the ISSF Shop, at Granada's shooting venue). There, each entitled athlete will receive a voting card with the proposed candidates. A maximum of 4 votes per voting card and athlete is possible. After voting, each athlete will receive a USB flash drive.


The 4 athletes holding the highest number of votes will automatically be elected as members of the ISSF Athletes Committee. The remaining 3 athletes and the Chairman of the Committee will be appointed by the ISSF Executive Committee at the next meeting.


The voting cards have to be obtained and immediately be dropped at the Athletes Election Booth. You can drop your voting cards between 8th September (12:00 p.m.) and 18th September (12:00 p.m. local time).


The candidates (in alphabetical order):

1 – Nasser AL-ATTIYA (QAT) - Shotgun

2 – Zorana ARUNOVIC (SRB) – Pistol

3 – Abhinav BINDRA (IND) - Rifle

4 – Marco DE NICOLO (ITA) – Rifle

5 – Clement FAKHOURY (SEN) - Shotgun

6 – JIN Jongoh (KOR) – Pistol

7 – Henri JUNGHAENEL (GER) – Rifle

8 – Vasily MOSIN (RUS) – Shotgun

9 – Susan NATTRASS (CAN) – Shotgun

10 – Gundegmaa OTRYAD (MGL) – Pistol

11 – Zuzana REHAK STEFECEKOVA (SVK) – Shotgun

12 – Nino SALUKVADZE (GEO) – Pistol

13 – Alejandra ZAVALA VAZQUEZ (MEX) – Pistol