Recap: Russia wins 7 medals on Day 3 at 2015 Junior Cup in Suhl

ISSF Junior Cup Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun · Suhl, GER

The Russian Federation took over the third competition day at the 2015 ISSF Junior Cup in Suhl, Germany

Winning both individual and team events, the Russian Federation won seven medals on the third competition day at the 2015 ISSF Junior Cup in Suhl, Germany.

Russia took four individual, and three team medals -- winning in all of the day's events but in the women's 10m Air Rifle.

In the men's 50m Pistol, India's Sumedh Kumar was the only non-Russian athlete on the podium.

Read the single events's reports to find out more about Day 3 at Suhl 2015.

50m Pistol Men Junior

Russia's Evgeniu Borovoi won the gold as he overcame Kumar in the final's last shot.

Kumar was in first with a 1.3-point lead before the last shot. Then, he hit an 8.1. Borovoi hit a 9.8, and won the final with a total score of 184.5 points.

In the eighth series, Borovoi had hit a 6.7 -- which had made him slip down to second place, 0.8 points behind the new leader Kumar. It took Borovoi the final three shots to get back to first place -- Kumar settling for the silver (184.1).

Alexander Bassariev, Borovoi's teammate, won the bronze (164.3).

Bassariev was leading after the final's first series (56.4), but a 7.7 and a 6.1 in the next eight shots vanished his dreams for the gold.

Five athletes represented Russia in this final -- other than Borovoi and Bassariev, Anton Zanin (4th, 144.5), Alexander Skakov (7th, 86.0), and Artem Chernousov (8th, 68.4).

Latvia's Emils Vasermanis, a European Championship silver medalist last year in Moscow, had risen to first place during the final. Finally, he lost his lead and closed in fifth (127.3).

France's Edouard Dortomb, a Youth Olympic bronze medalist, came in sixth (107.3) -- following scores like 7.7, and 6.7.

Borovoi's Russia also won the team gold (1659 - 30x). Zanin and Skakov joined the gold medalist's efforts and gave their country first place.

Latvia came in second. Lauris Strautmanis, Kristaps Smilga, and Vasermanis added up to a score of 1633 - 22x.

France -- thanks to Dortomb, Florian Becq, and Anthony Lodiel -- won the team bronze (1605 - 24x).
10m Air Rifle Men Junior

Gaining the first medal of his career, Japan's Ryosuke Yatsukawa won the men's 10m Air Rifle.

Yatuskawa beat Russia's Evgeniy Ishchenko by a 1.9-point margin, closing on a score of 204.4 points.

Throughout the final, Yatuskawa shot under 10 only four times -- the same number of times he hit a 10.5 or more.

Ishchenko, the silver medalist, had been in first place for good part of the match. But a couple shots near the end -- a 9.4, and an 8.6 -- gave Yatuskawa the chance to overcome him. So he did.

Yatuskawa, Ishchenko, and Kwon were all at the first final of their careers.

Russia won the team gold as Ishchenko, Vladislav Fetisov, and Aleksei Krylov added up to 1862.6 points.

Switzerland -- Christoph Duerr, Manuel Luescher, and Robin Frund -- won the silver (1850.0).

Pratik Borse, Prashant Prashant, and Akhil Sheoran secured the bronze for India (1848.9).
25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men Junior

Another medal for Russia came in the men's Rapid Fire Pistol, as Viacheslav Perelygin beat Pierre-Alexandre Lhote of France by 22-21 in the final.

In three consecutive rounds, Perelygin scored four out of five hits -- pocketing 12 hits, over half of his final score.

Lhote, the runner-up, never scored more than three hits in a single round.

After being in a tie for first place with Perelygin, Australia's Siarhei Yauhlevski ended in third place with 18 hits.

Perelygin, Lhote, and Yauhlevski all won the first medal of their careers.

Russia won the team gold as gold medalist Perelygin, Aleksandr Kravchenko, and Daniil Shikhov's scores amounted to 1672 points and 42 inner tens.

Shivam Shukla, Achal Pratap Grewal, and Rushiraj Barot secured the silver medal for India (1669 - 33x).

Silver medalist Lhote, Clement Greffier, and Charles-Richard Laverrou celebrated France's bronze medal (1658 - 26x).
10m Air Rifle Women Junior

After winning four yesterday, Germany won its only medal today in the women's 10m Air Rifle.

Charleen Baenisch, 18, won her career's first gold as she beat Switzerland's Vanessa Hofstetter with a 1.7-point margin (207.0).

The contest between Baenisch and Hofstetter started early on, as the silver medalist was trying to catch up with the Baenisch in the lead since the first series.

Throughout the final, Baenisch shot beautifully -- always 10 or above but in two occasions. She once hit a 10.9.

Singapore's Martina Veloso, 15, won the bronze.

Veloso -- who became the youngest ISSF World Cup medallist ever last year in Munich -- fought with USA's Rachel Martin for third place. They were tied twice.

Rachel was in third, when the next shot was going to decide fourth place. Then, Veloso came back. She hit a 10.2, outdid Rachel, and made her way to the bronze (184.3).

Although it didn't end up winning any individual medal, France won the team gold (1239.2). Ines Niewada (416.5), Judith Gomez (412.3), and Emilie Wintenberger (410.4) contributed to their country's success.

Just 1.4 points behind France, Singapore won the silver. Veloso, the bronze medalist, teamed up with Ho Xiu Yi and Tan Qian Xiu Adele to score 1237.8 points.

Still very close and taking the bronze -- 0.3 points behind Singapore -- was the Republic of Korea. Le Seungyeon, Joo Hyunji, and Kim Dabin scored 1237.5 points.

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