The ISSF mourns the loss of Dr. Heinz Lösel, ISSF Blue Cross Honoree and ISSF Honorary Member

The ISSF mourns the loss of Dr. Heinz Lösel, an honored and distinguished colleague, who passed away on December 15, 2015 at the age of 96 years.

Dr. Lösel served the ISSF for almost three decades, becoming a reference for all medical matters within the Shooting sport family.


Heinz had begun his activities in the shooting sports as a passionate athlete. He was an avid student in the field of sports medicine, sports psychology and sports didactics, and authored several medical publications for the ISSF News magazine, including his German books on performance enhancements in the shooting sport. Through the years, he became the doctor of the German National Shooting Team, then of the European Shooting Confederation, and finally joined the International Shooting Sport Federation.


During the ISSF General Assembly held in Seoul in 1978, he was elected as Chairman of the ISSF Medical Committee, a body he led for 28 consecutive years, giving a determinant contribution to the development of our beloved sport with passion and dedication.


In 2006, our friend Heinz was nominated an ISSF Honorary Member, and kept on following all ISSF activities until today. During the last years he kept in contact with the ISSF Headquarters in calling regularly to hear the latest news.


In recognition of his distinguished service to our Federation, Dr. Lösel was awarded the ISSF Gold Medal in 1982, and later in 1986 the ISSF President  Olegario Vazquez Rana honored him with the President’s Button and the ISSF Blue Cross, the ISSF’s highest award of distinction for outstanding service.


Heinz Lösel lived a full life dedicated to the shooting sports and the Shooting sport family has many great memories of him. The ISSF has lost one of its most active and dedicated officials, and we extend our sincere condolences to his family as well as to Heinz’s many shooting friends in Germany and around the world.