ISSF Administrative Council: new ISSF Rules and Regulations approved

ISSF Administrative Council Meeting · Moscow, RUS

The new rules do not include proposals for changes in the Olympic Program. The Council also supported the new ISSF Constitution draft which will be presented to the ISSF General Assembly delegates on the 2nd of July.

The ISSF Administrative Council met at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Moscow (RUS) – in its full capacity, with 35 participants – for the first of two meetings to be held today, June 30.


The ISSF President Olegario Vazquez Raña and the ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber welcomed the Committee Members.


“I would like to welcome you here in Moscow, and to thank to the Committees and their Chairman for their hard work and support in preparations of these meetings.” The ISSF President said.


The new ISSF Rules and Regulations were unanimously approved by the Council at the first vote.


The ISSF Vice-President Gary Anderson spoke about the changes, remarking that “there are no proposals for Games Program changes in these rules.” The new ISSF Rules and Regulation indeed include some changes in the finals formats to be adopted in 2017, and they address some sport presentation issues such as music during the finals. The new rules will be published on the ISSF website as soon as possible, after the last fine-tunings.


The ISSF Administrative Council also voted by majority to support the new ISSF Constitution draft which will be presented to the ISSF General Assembly’s delegates and voted on the 2nd of July.


The Administrative Council received the reports of the ISSF Committees: Technical Committee (Chairmen: Joerg Brokamp), Athletes Committee (Abhinav Bindra), Judges Committee (Peter Underhill), Rifle Committee (Tomislav Sepec), Running Target Committee (Pekka Kussisto), Shotgun Committee (Demetris F. Lordos), Statues and Eligibility Committee (Antonio Fernandez Arena), Medical Committee (James M. Lally), Coaches Advisory Committee (Kevin Kilty), and Ad-Hoc Electronic Scoring Target Testing Committee (Alexandros Dimakakos).


The Council also listened to the reports of the Continental Confederations, delivered by Hazem Hosny Ahmed (President of the African Shooting Federation), Carlos Silva Monterroso (President of the Shooting Confederation of the Americas), Ali Mohammed Al Kuwari (Nominee of the Asian Shooting Confederation), Alexander Ratner (Nominee of the European Shooting Confederation), and Ewen Pirie (Nominee of the Oceania Shooting Federation).


The ISSF Executive Committee member Kevin Kilty reported on the activities of the ISSF Training Academy for 2015 and 2016, highlighting that “the success of the Academy is growing every year: nowadays, 1293 students have passed through our courses. We will have to run additional programs in the next years, due to the significant demand.”


The ISSF Vice-President Gary Anderson spoke about the ISSF Media and TV program, remarking that this “is one of the most important area of emphasis within the work of the International Shooting Sport Federation.” The complete ISSF Media and TV report will be delivered in front of the ISSF General Assembly, tomorrow.


The ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber informed then the Council on the status of the relationship between the ISSF and the IPC. “Cooperation between the two bodies is working really well in the lead-up to the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. ISSF and FITAV (the Italian Clay Shooting Federation) have been working together to support IPC in standardizing the classification of clay shooting events”. The ISSF Vice-President and FITAV’s President Luciano Rossi commented: “we are working hard with the support of a scientific panel on these matters. We will host an international competition with shooters coming from 20 different nations, in Italy, this year. We wish we can have clay shooting disciplines included in the 2020 or in the 2024 Paralympics program.”


The Chairman of the ISSF Technical Committee, Mr. Brokamp, gave to the Council a first presentation on the preparations of the 2016 ISSF Running Target World Championship to be held in Suhl (GER) and on the first ISSF Rifle and Pistol Junior World Championship and on the first ISSF Target Sprint World Championship, due in 2017. A full report will be included in the presentations of tomorrow’s ISSF General Assembly.   

Marco Dalla Dea