10m Running Target Mixed Women Stage 2

Zeng Yang leads the People’s Republic of China to a double Gold medal in the 10m Running Target Mixed event

ISSF World Championship Running Target · Suhl, GER

Zeng scored 194 points in both stages of the competition, preceding Galina Avramenko of the Ukraine and Juia Eydenzon of the Russian Federation, also leading her country to the team’s Gold medal.

The ISSF Running Target World Championship in Suhl (GER) concluded today with the last two events of the program: the 10m Running Target Mixed Women and the 10m Running Target Mixed Women Junior.


In the senior match 28-year-old Yang Zeng of the People’s Republic of China finished atop the podium for the second time in her career, after winning the 10m Running Target Women Gold in Stockholm (SWE) in 2012.


Zeng finished the first stage of the match with 194 points, sitting on a comfortable 4-point lead on her closest opponent, Ukraine’s Galina Avramenko. In the second stage of the match, then, the Chniese athlete recorded another 194, finishing with 388 points and securing the Gold medal.


With her on the last senior podium of the World Championship placed Avramenko, 2nd with 385 points and winner of the Silver medal, and Julia Eydenzon of the Russian Federation, winner of the Bronze medal with 379 points.


Zeng, Zhao Li Li and Su Li also secured the team’s Gold medal for the People’s Republic of China with 1141 points, followed in 2nd place by the Russian Federation’s Julia Eydenzon, Olga Stepanova and Irina Izmalkova. The team Bronze medal, then, went to the Ukraine’s Avramenko, Liudmyla Vasylyuk and Viktoriya Rybovalova.


The ISSF season will now enter a two months break, during which the Federation will rule the Olympic Shooting events at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro (BRA).


News and updates about the Olympic Shooting competitions will be available on the ISSF website and on the Federation’s social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Weibo.

Marco Vettoretti


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