ISSF Statement on the participation of Russian athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

The ISSF Executive Committee recommends to the IOC that athletes from Russia may be permitted to participate in the shooting events of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games  

The ISSF confirms having received from WADA details about the three samples concerning shooting sport mentioned in the McLaren Report. The ISSF furthermore is relieved to confirm that these three samples had been correctly entered, at the time they were reported, into the ADAMS database as positives, that all the result management procedures had been followed and that the matters were resolved.


It is also to be noted that none of the athletes whose samples are mentioned in the McLaren Report will participate in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.


The 18 Russian shooters who have been entered by the ROC to participate in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are neither mentioned in the McLaren Report nor have they tested positive further to a doping control according to the information we possess.  Further, all Russian athletes are being carefully monitored as part of ISSF’s intelligence based testing program. 


Therefore, the ISSF Executive Committee unanimously voted confirming that all 18 Russian athletes fulfill the criteria set by the IOC further to its Executive Board meeting decision of Sunday July 24th.


The ISSF will submit all necessary documents to the IOC as requested for its evaluation and decision.


At the same time, the ISSF is deeply concerned about the findings of the McLaren Independent Investigation Report unveiled by WADA and strongly supports the extension of Prof. McLaren’s mandate in order for him to finish the crucial work he has started.


The ISSF will keep on fighting to protect clean athletes and will keep actively supporting WADA and working with the IOC and all international entities concerned. The ISSF looks forward to receiving any eventual additional findings that may become available as part of the extended McLaren Investigation. We shall again promptly act on these findings in compliance with the ISSF Anti-Doping Rules.


In order to preserve the integrity of sport, to ensure a level playing field and to support all clean athletes, the ISSF will not hesitate to punish cheaters. 

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