Kilty: "For Tokyo 2020, the ISSF must move to compliance in gender equality"

Kevin Kilty, member of the ISSF Executive Committee, released a statement in name of the Coach Advisory Committee.

The challenges posed by the IOC’s Agenda 2020 programme will have far reaching affects for the future of sport shooting. These challenges will see the ISSF having to move to gender equality in both the number of events and in the number of quotas at the request of the IOC. This task is made more complicated by the expressed desire within the Agenda 2020 programme to see the introduction of mixed gender team events.


When the coach advisory committee first met to review IOC Agenda 2020 in November 2015, we were faced with trying to find solutions to these challenges that would maintain the spirit of our sport whilst embracing the goals set out in IOC Agenda 2020. It was clear to us that we must maintain the five event slots for each Shooting discipline (rifle-pistol-shotgun) as the basis for the development of mixed team events. The ISSF is one of only seven international federations currently do not have either equal events or equal quotas for men and women . It is essential that for Tokyo 2020, the ISSF must move to compliance in gender equality.


Currently our event programme has nine men’s events and six women’s events, so the required IOC Agenda 2020 changes to the programme will require the replacement of three men’s events to achieve 50% gender equality in events. To have to replace so many events in the current Olympic programme is emotionally difficult and the ISSF Coaches Advisory Committee was aware that the decisions that are to be taken must not be taken lightly. After much discussion we agreed, in line with the ISSF Athletes Advisory Committee, to recommend to the ISSF Ad-Hoc Committee to convert the three men’s events, 50m rifle prone, 50m pistol and Double Trap, to mixed gender team events.


At the recent ISSF Section Committee meetings in Munich, we received an update on the IOC’s event evaluation process from the ISSF and an insight from IOC member Ms. Danka Bartekova, as to the IOC’s determination to achieve Agenda 2020´s gender equality goal for the Tokyo games. These briefings outlined a significant change by the IOC to the evaluation of sports for their continued inclusion in the games. Where once our sport was evaluated as a single entity, now each of our events would be evaluated individually against a wide range of criteria such as universality, cost of participation, environment, grassroots development and sustainability. It was also made clear to us that the IOC rated highly the success of the air rifle and air pistol mixed team events of the Youth Olympic Games as a model for the encouragement of youth participation and cost efficient access to the shooting sports.


A vote was held to decide the recommendation of the Coach Advisory Committee. The result of the vote was to recommend to the Ad-Hoc Committee the replacement of 50m rifle prone men with a 10m air rifle mixed gender team event, the replacement of 50m pistol men with a 10m air pistol mixed gender team event and the replacement of double trap men with a trap mixed gender team event. We made the observation that the events being replaced must continue in the programme of events for future ISSF World Championships to ensure their legacy.


These recommendations were submitted to the Ad-Hoc Committee for consideration at their follow up meeting where a decision was made to propose the same recommendations to the ISSF Executive Committee and ISSF Administrative Council that will meet in New Delhi during the ISSF World Cup in 2017.


The proposed changes to our Olympic programme were decisions that were not taken lightly. We agreed to leave our emotions and our own discipline bias at the door of our meetings. Our recommendations are based on what we believe to be the best way to ensure that the sport of shooting remains a strong and vibrant member of the Olympic movement and a continuing sport on the Olympic Games programme.


Kevin Kilty

Chairman, Coach Advisory Committee