Latest ISSF Athletes bulletin released

The Athletes Committee will be having its annual meetings in November 2017. Committee Chairman Bindra invites all athletes to send in their thoughts and suggestions on various issues relating to our sport.

Download the full bulletin here: 

Dear Friends, 

Greetings from the Athletes Committee. The Athletes Committee will be having its annual meetings in November 2017 and we invite you to send in your thoughts and suggestions on various issues relating to our sport. 

In specific, some important aspects requiring your input are: 

1) Mixed Team Events - while the system and format (qualifying-semifinal-medal match) for these is in place we look forward to any feedback you might have for presentation and procedure based on the experiences so far. Do let us know if you have any thoughts on how these could be further improved upon. 

2) Review of the 2017 Season - please send us your input on the conduct of the World Cups this year and suggestions to further improve the athlete experience. The feedback received will be presented to the Organizers Workshop. 

3) Parity of Shots - Over the years, several petitions were received from women athletes to the ISSF leadership requesting that women get to shoot the same number of shots in all events as men. The ISSF felt that this was an appropriate time to further this discussion, especially in the backdrop of the IOC Agenda 2020. The ISSF Executive Committee and Administrative Council unanimously voted in favor of investigating this possibility. The Athletes Committee reached out to several athletes during the World Cups for feedback. We once again request all women athletes to please participate in these discussions by sending us your thoughts. Initial discussions with athletes have been very positive. We would welcome your feedback on this for all the events 10m, 50m, RT and shotgun, keeping in mind that 25m is already equal regarding number of shots. Please note that this is being considered not only for the Olympic events but all ISSF events and your feedback is important. 

4) Forum for the Future Olympic Program - on the request of the Athletes Committee , the ISSF President recently announced the creation of a forum to discuss the future Olympic program. The idea is to involve all stakeholders actively in the decision making process regarding the Olympic program. This is most definitely a very positive development and we welcome your ideas regarding the current Olympic events and new events as well as qualification programs which can be communicated to the forum. 

Friends, on behalf of the Athletes Committee, I encourage you to participate actively in matters concerning our sport and request you to send us your feedback. The goal has always been to make the athletes the heart of all decision making at the ISSF and this will not be possible without your involvement, feedback and input. 

Chairman, ISSF Athletes Committee 

ISSF Athletes Committee