ISSF Academy D-Course held in Bangkok

From the 13th to the 16th of July, a total of 38 participants took part in the course comprising Rifle and Pistol topics.

An ISSF Academy D-Course for regional coaches was held at the National Shooting Association of Thailand in Bangkok (THA) from July 13th to July 16th.


A total of 38 participants took part in the 4-day course, comprising of both Rifle and Pistol topics. Tutors Mrs. Lisa Borgerson of Canada and Mrs. Lim Chea Rong of Singapore, responsible for Pistol and Rifle respectively, provided the lessons in English language, with Mrs. Manassanan Chanatthannop providing the Thai translation.


The participants displayed great interest in the topics of Physical training, planning and organization, as well as the technical aspects of the two disciplines. Many questions were fielded, especially on the transition from annual training plans to daily training sessions.


This is a wonderful opportunity for our coaches to learn the basic technical knowledge of shooting in a systematic and structured manner,” said Mrs. Chanatthannop, International Affairs Coordinator from National Shooting Association of Thailand. “Topic such as annual training plans is very useful for short term planning. The discussion with the tutors also motivated our coaches to try out the methods taught and use the newly found knowledge in their coaching. The ISSF Academy D-Course provides us with the right and effective way of coaching. I think this is the first step to excellent coaching.


I was very honoured to represent the ISSF as D-Course tutor in Thailand. We were met with very kind and eager organizers and participants, who all made this experience very pleasant and rewarding”, said Mrs. Lisa Borgerson.


Thailand has always been a strong Shooting country in the South-East Asia region. With this first step, we hope to see the start of a robust coaching development program. The passion and commitment shown by the participants are very encouraging. The dedication shown by the association to run the ISSF Academy D-Course is indeed commendable”, said Mrs. Lim Chea Rong.

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