Opening Ceremony

ISSF Junior World Cup Shotgun opened in Porpetto, Italy

ISSF Junior World Cup Shotgun · Porpetto, ITA

More than 200 young shooters will compete, representing 33 National Olympic Committees and battling in the five events of the discipline.

The summer of shooting sport resumed today in North Eastern Italy, where the ISSF Junior World Cup Shotgun officially opened in Porpetto (ITA). The competition, taking place until August 22nd, will see 220 shooters participate in the five events of the Shotgun discipline, representing 33 National Olympic Committees and piling up just as many starts.


“I would like to extend our thanks and a huge welcome to all the athletes and coaches from 33 countries that travelled to Italy to compete in this 2017 ISSF Junior World Cup in Porpetto,” said the ISSF Vice-President Mr. Luciano Rossi. “It is a dream that comes true. It's important that we are together, in friendship. Together we are strong!”


“I would also like to thank the jury members, who travelled from all over the world for this event, as well as the Organizing Committee and the local authorities that worked really hard to deliver this competition. We are here for our young athletes, the youth is the future of the sport, our future!” concluded Mr. Rossi.


“It is a very special pleasure for me to be here in Porpetto,” added Mr. Kevin Kilty, ISSF Technical Delegate of the competition. “I bring you the best wishes and support of the ISSF President Mr. Olegario Vazquez Raña and of the ISSF Secretary General Mr. Franz Schreiber.”


“This Junior World Cup represents the start of a new chapter in the history of our sport. It provides an exciting path for our young shooters to develop their international skills and to experience the excitement and drama of international competition.” Mr. Kilty also said.


It will be the second ISSF junior competition of the 2017 season after the ISSF Junior World Championship Rifle/Pistol that took place in Suhl (GER) last June, and the first competition ever held in the city of Porpetto.


Two-time Olympic medalist Chiara Cainero of Italy, who trains on the very same range, also addressed the crowd at the Opening Ceremony: “It’s a pleasure to see so many young and motivated shooters competing on the layouts of this range where I train everyday. I wish you all good luck, have fun and compete in fair play. And I hope to see some of you at the next Olympic Games!” she said.


Here’s the schedule of the five finals:


Thursday, August 17th

Trap Women Junior at 5:45 pm (UTC+2:00)


Friday, August 18th

Trap Men Junior at 4:30 pm


Sunday, August 20th

Double Trap Men Junior at 4:30 pm

Skeet Women Junior at 6:00 pm


Monday, August 21st

Skeet Men Junior at 5:00 pm


On Saturday, August 19th, then, test events of the Trap Mixed Team will take place. Trap mixed Team, along with two mixed team events in the Rifle and Pistol disciplines, has been recently added to the official Olympic Programme for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


The 2017 ISSF Season will continue with the ISSF World Championship Shotgun, scheduled in Moscow (RUS) from August 30th to September 11th, and the ISSF World Cup Final, taking place in New Delhi (IND) from the 23rd to the 30th of October.


Live results of the competitions, news and updates will be available on and on all ISSF social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Weibo and Youku.

Marco Vettoretti