Singapore hosted its second ISSF Academy D-Course in two years

Thirty-one participants from six nations attended the course, including three-time Olympian Tanyaporn Prucksakorn of Thailand.

From September 8th to September 10th, Singapore hosted the 47th ISSF Academy D-Course, with 31 participants from India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and of course Singapore.


The course was held over a three days period, covering the essential topics in D-Course. Pistol tutor Nigel Lim and Rifle tutor Lim Chea Rong, both from Singapore, had the honour to conduct the course on behalf of the ISSF Academy.


It’s the 2nd time that Singapore hosts a regional D-Course, after the 1st one was successful held last year. Basic technical knowledge of the Air Rifle and Air Pistol was shared by the tutors in the form of lectures and interesting group discussions. The group of participants took turns to present their learning and many questions were addressed in the process.


Planning and developing of training sessions, as well as physical training topics were also delivered to equip the participants with important and relevant knowledge.


Thailand’s three-time Olympian and Pistol shooter Tanyaporn Prucksakorn said: “The tutors shared their personal coaching experience with us by providing us real life applications of the course materials. With the practical learning and exercises acquired in this course, I’m ready to plan and execute better coaching sessions for my shooters. I’m looking forward to the next ISSF C-Course to further upgrade my skills.”


Speaking of the necessity of the D-Course, course tutor Nigel Lim added: “It’s important to hold the D-Course regularly to develop the coaches in our region. Only then, we’ll have enough quality coaches to develop high level shooters. For that, we would like to thank Singapore for holding the D-Course and hope to have more in the future.”

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