Cyprus hosted its second ISSF Academy D-Course

Fifteen Cypriot shotgun coaches attended the course, held at the same Larnaka Shooting Range that welcomed many ISSF World Cup competitions in the past.

The ISSF Academy recently conducted the D48 Course for Shotgun in Larnaka, marking the second time Cyprus has hosted a D-Course. Shotgun tutor Mr. Michalis Katzianis of Cyprus led a group of fifteen Cypriot shotgun coaches through the three-day course, which was in held in Greek language.


The course was hosted at the Larnaca Shooting Range, home of many ISSF World Cup stages. The club provided a friendly and comfortable environment for the course and offered its ranges at the end of the course to provide a practical element to the coaching work.


During the course, participants were given instruction in the development of a basic shooting technique, how to develop and create annual training plans and also how to manage and run a training session at the range.


All the students responded with great enthusiasm and the President of the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation Mr. Demetris Lordos spoke highly of the course: “Shooting is one of Cyprus’s top sport and our commitment to growing our sport is essential to its future, not just in Cyprus but all around the World. This is why we support the ISSF Academy’s D-Course, as it provides a great basis for the development of future athletes by ensuring they will always qualified coaches in our clubs,” said Mr. Lordos.


ISSF Academy head tutor Dr. Kevin Kilty was on hand to observe the course and said: “Michalis conducted an excellent course and I am delighted to see him join the swelling ranks of Academy D-Course tutors upon whom we rely on for the future growth of the ISSF Academy and the development of our sport.”

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