Job opportunities for Shotgun coaches in Chinese Shooting Association

The Chinese National Shotgun Team is looking for a number of coaches with proven experience.

To prepare for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games, the National Shotgun Team of China is seeking globally to recruit 2-3 coaches. Details are as below:




  • Trap: 1-2 coaches
  • Skeet: 1 coach




  • 60-year-old and under, in good health condition.
  • Over 3 years of coaching experience in national team or national youth team.
  • Coached athlete(s) who had attended continental championships and won top three as an individual.

- Coaches of athlete(s) who has won World Championships (individual competition) or Olympic Games gold medal(s) in the last 2 Olympic Games are preferred.




  • Trial: in order to promote mutual understanding, we will arrange a trial for 30 days continuously between 15th October 2017 and 30th December 2017.
  • During the trial, after-tax salary will be 10,000 euro. Chinese Shooting Association will provide round trip ticket, accommodation.
  • Formal recruitment: salary is in the form of basic salary plus bonus, which will be discussed in person.
  • Coaches of athlete(s) who has won World Championships (individual competition) or Olympic Games gold medal(s) in the last 2 Olympic Cycles will receive higher salary.




After the trial, if both parties are satisfied, a contract until the end of 2018 World Championships will be sighed. After the championships, we will evaluate coaching results, and if targets are achieved a contract until the end of 2020 Olympic Games will be signed.




  • During coaching we will provide medical insurance and life insurance, which will be covered by Chinese Shooting Association.
  • During contract period, we will cover coaches’ round trip tickets between their own country and China within 3 times every year, as well as their spouse and one child’s round trip tickets once every year.
  • Coaches have 30 days for vacation every year.
  • During contract period, transportation fees for outing for business and medical issues will be reimbursed.
  • During coaching period, we will provide accommodation, training and competition facilities for coaches.
  • During business trips, transportation, accommodation will be covered.




  • During training, Chinese Shooting Association will provide assistant, translator and other related personnel for coaches.
  • Contracts will specify coaching targets, which will be used in future evaluation.
  • Coaches will train with teams, in China or other countries. Coaches must following the instructions of Chinese Shooting Association, including training, competitions and business events.
  • International coaches need to give lectures and instruction for Chinese coaches at least once every three months.
  • Coaches will mentor at least 2 Chinese coaches to help them improve coaching experience.




To those who are interested, please send your resume, including personal photograph, professional credentials, descriptions of coaching and competing experience, as well as the results of your athletes to Chinese Shooting Association via email or fax.



Fax: +861088966806


If Chinese Shooting Association is interested in your experience and coaching capacity, we will arrange official interviews.

Chinese Shooting Association PR