50th ISSF D-Course for Rifle coaches conducted in Arnhem, Netherlands

For the first time ever, this specific course took place in the Netherlands, where 23 participants were welcomed from September 22nd to September 24th.

From the 22nd through the 24th of September 2017, 23 Dutch participants successfully completed the ISSF D-Course for Rifle coaches, was organised in Arnhem.


It was the first time that an ISSF D-Course for Rifle was held in the Netherlands.


The course was well received and successfully conducted under the guidance of course tutor Mr. Rolf Van Der Velde and ISSF Academy supervisor Mr. Kimmo Yli-Jaskari from Finland.


All the modules of the course were covered, including the planning and development of training sessions, while physical training topics were delivered through video sessions. These presentations boosted many interesting group discussions, as Mr. Van Der Velde incorporated some interactive learning methods in order to bring theory and practice together.


“It is of great importance to regularly organise the ISSF D-Course for coaches in this region,” said Mr. Van Der Velde. “In order to get enough quality coaches to develop high level shooters.” He also hopes that some of the participants will go forward to attend a future ISSF C-Course.


“I was very happy to see great motivation and attention coming from the students during the course. Active involvement and discussions took place throughout the weekend. This will introduce good activities into the daily training of shooters all over Netherlands,” added Mr. Yli-Jaskari.

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