ISSF Industry meeting held in Munich (GER)

Following yesterday’s ISSF Executive Committee meeting, ISSF authorities welcomed 40 shooting sport industry representatives from 31 companies in Munich today, in an effort to involve this important group of stakeholders in the ongoing developments of the sport.

The second ISSF Industry meeting of the year was held in Munich, Germany, today. The meeting was part of an increasing ISSF effort to encourage communication and cooperation between ISSF and its stakeholders. 


The industry representatives met ISSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña, Secretary General Franz Schreiber, Vice Presidents Gary Anderson and Wang Yifu, and ISSF Executive Committee members, at the Hilton Park Hotel this morning. 


The meeting was opened by a welcome speech of ISSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña, followed by report from Mr. Gary Anderson on the 2016 ISSF achievement. His report emphasized  participation, universality, geographical spread and media exposure of the sport. 


Decisions and proposals decided yesterday by the ISSF Executive Committee were reported to the participants, with a focus on key areas involving manufacturers and suppliers. The ISSF Forum 2024 - an inclusive online platform aiming at boosting communication among shooting sport stakeholders - was introduced to the participants, and it will be launched in the next months. 


Furthermore, industry representatives were provided important information on ISSF equipment control and sustainability programs, updates on the 52nd ISSF World Championship in All Events in Changwon (that will boost 53 individual events and 53 team events), as well as details on forthcoming ISSF governance activities and on ISSF Championships calendar proposals. 


“The cooperation between the ISSF and the shooting sport Industry has always been positive, with mutual respect and understanding of our respective roles. This meeting proves this once again.” ISSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña said. 


“Today’s presentations started some positive and constructive exchanges of opinions. This was our aim: sharing ideas. I would very much like this collaboration to continue, and I support the industry’s recommendation that a permanent ISSF Industry Committee be formed.” 


“We are entering a new era for the shooting sport. Yesterday, our Executive Committee made several decisions to further open up our competitions and to develop our Championships calendar. Shooting is an universal sport, and we are working at every level to make it even more inclusive and popular, starting from grassroots up to the Masters. We want all our stakeholders to be involved in the process. All positive inputs are welcome, to make our sport stronger.” 


Marco Dalla Dea