Canada hosted its first ISSF Academy D-Course

Over a three-day period, eight Canadian aspiring Shotgun coaches attended the course in Calgary (CAN), under the guidance of six-time Olympian Dr. Susan Nattrass.

Eight Canadian Shotgun coaches attended the first ISSF Academy D-Course held in Canada, from September 22nd to September 24th. Course tutor and six-time Olympian Dr. Susan Nattrass of Canada led the class of coaches, who came from the provinces of Alberta and Ontario.  


The course was held over a three-day period near the Olympic Park area in Calgary (CAN), and it covered the essential topics of the D-Course: fundamental techniques of clay shooting, planning and organization, introduction to training plans and physical training. All the students responded with great enthusiasm and some excellent discussions took place.


After the first day the students were invited to tour the impressive, state-of-the-art Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.


Dr. Susan Nattrass commented: “It was an honour to be the tutor for this outstanding group of coaches. It is important to hold the D-Course in Canada to give our coaches a chance to increase their knowledge of our discipline and to develop high level shooters in our country.”

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