First ISSF Academy D-Course held in Indonesia

Thirty-five students attended the historic course in Jakarta (INA), under the guidance of Pistol tutor Sonal Ramendra and Rifle tutor Glenn Clifton Apfel.

The ISSF Academy D-Course for Rifle and Pistol coaches was held in Jakarta (INA) from October 15th to October 18th, marking the first time ever that this course took place in Indonesia.


A total of 35 participants was welcomed in the Indonesian capital city, attending the course led by Pistol tutor Sonal Ramendra and Rifle tutor Glenn Clifton Apfel. The course was hosted and organised by the Indonesian Target Shooting and Hunting Association.


“Many thanks to the ISSF Academy for their support and to the Indonesian federation, whose support made this course possible.” Said Mr. Apfel. “My hope is that the D-Course could become a regular feature of our education program.”


“Coaches are a nation’s driving force for the sports excellence. Here in Jakarta, the course was conducted to develop coaching skills and to create better quality coaches, in order to serve the needs of sportspersons at all levels, and I was delighted to play a part in this,” added Pistol tutor Sonal Ramendra.


Mrs. Inca Wihartanti, a participant of the course, also said: “The course was precise and interesting. The lecturer had a firm grip on the content of the material and explained well with good interaction with the students. Plus, there was a positive atmosphere during the course.”

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