Nigeria hosted its first ISSF Academy D-Course

For the first time ever, an ISSF Academy D-Course has been held in Nigeria, from the 21st to the 26th of January. A total of 33 students participated.

Nigeria hosted its first ISSF Academy D-Course in Abuja, held from January 21st to January 26th and organized by the President of the Nigeria Shooting Federation, Brig. Gen. Oladeji Adeoye.


ISSF Academy tutors Mr. Goran Maksimovic of Serbia and Mr. Marko Sokic Montenegro conducted the course. Mr. Adeoye expressed gratefulness to the ISSF Academy, the Nigeria Olympic Committee and the Federal Government for their support of the course: “I am highly impressed with the conduct of all participants. They have shown that the knowledge they have acquired on this course can be fully utilised on current and future athletes. That will really help to bring out the raw shooting sport talents that are in every part of Nigeria for global recognition.”


Mr. Maksinovic were also enthusiastic about the participants: “The students were fully committed to get the ISSF Academy D-Course licence, they all showed a clear desire to further Olympic shooting in Nigeria.”


Likewise, his colleague Mr. Sokic expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the students: “I found the students very disciplined and totally committed, and I believe they have the capability to produce world-class shooters in the future.”


Some of the course participants also expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the teaching.


“I can now prepare my athletes in a more technical and practical way for future events.” said Mercy Ayuba, a coach of the Nigerian Air Force and one of the 33 participants.


Yahaya Yusuf, a shooting sport coach in the FCT added: “The level of knowledge acquired from this course will greatly help participants to train their athletes in a more resourceful manner. Our country will definitely benefit lot from it in the not too distant future.”

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