ISSF Academy D61 course for Shotgun coaches took place in Azerbaijan

Twenty-three participants attended the course, which took place in Baku from February 1st to February 4th, 2018.

The ISSF Academy D61 Course for Shotgun coaches was held in Baku (AZE) from the 1st to the 4th of February 2018. It was the first ISSF Academy course held in Azerbaijan, and a total of 23 students – nine women and 14 men – participated.


All of them successfully completed the course, which was led by ISSF Academy tutor Mr. Emin Jafarov of Azerbaijan.


The course was organized by the National Shooting Federation of Azerbaijan, and it covered the essential topics of the D-Course: fundamental techniques of clay shooting, planning and organization, introduction to training plans and physical training.


All aspiring coaches showed great interest in the topics and were very active during all of the workshops and  discussions. At the end of the course Mr. Jafarov said: "During last years, the Azerbaijan Shooting Federation has done a lot for the development of shooting sport in our country. We were able to build two excellent shooting complexes in Gabala and Baku, and we have held many international competitions in the last four years.”


“All of this helped us draw the attention of the younger generation to the shooting sport in our country and we believe that ISSF Academy D-Course is the next step which will help us to develop young generation of the national coaches,” he concluded.

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