India hosted a series of two ISSF Academy D-Courses in New Delhi

The D63 courses was held at the Manav Rachna International University, where 64 students participated.

The ISSF Academy D63 course for regional coaches was conducted at the Manav Rachna International University in New Delhi (IND), from March 4th to March 6th.


A total of 64 participants took part in two separate 3-day classes for the Rifle and Pistol disciplines. Excellent facilities were provided by the Manav Rachna International University, ensuring that the course fully covered both technical skills as well as planning and organizational training along with physical training modules.


The two course tutors were Mr. Marko Sokic from Serbia, for the Pistol discipline, and Mrs. Lim Chea Rong from Singapore, for the Rifle discipline.


The tutors spoke highly of the course participants who were enthusiastic and well prepared for the course. Many discussions went down and participants took part in all the class activities eagerly, asking a lot of questions on the technical aspect of rifle and pistol, planning and organization.


“The participants showed that they were very dedicated to shooting sport and they showed great knowledge during the course,” said Mr Marko Sokio.


“I truly enjoyed conducting the course in India, the course was very well organized, and the participants were eager to learn and share their experiences,” said Mrs. Lim Chea Rong.


The ISSF Academy is dedicated to the development of shooting sport among all the Member Federations. If you feel your federation can benefit from hosting an ISSF Academy D-Course then please contact the ISSF Academy at

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