Venezuela hosts its first ISSF Academy D course in Caracas

The D64 was held at the Venezuela National Olympic Committee with the participation of 27 students.

The ISSF Academy D64 course for regional coaches was conducted at the National Olympic Committee in Caracas (VEN), from July 2nd to July 5th.

A total of 27 students, from Venezuela and Chile, participated in the 4-day course which covered Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun. The hosts ensured an excellent location and facilities for the participants along with a great atmosphere and good enthusiasm. 

During the course the Mr. Eduardo Alvarez, President of the Venezuela National Olympic Committee visited the course accompanied by Mrs. Elida Parraga, Secretary General and Mr. Gerardo Trotta, President of Venezuela Shooting Sport Federation and Vice-President of the Venezuela National Olympic Committee.

"These certificates mean a lot to Venezuelan sports. I congratulate the Venezuelan shooting federation, to Gerardo Trotta and all his team.  Also, I give thanks to Lisa Borgerson, Leif Rolland and Alfredo Ortiz, because we really need, at this moment, this knowledge and not only this knowledge, but the encouragement and motivation. We greatly appreciate the effort that each of you made to be here. You are at home" said Mrs. Elida Parraga.

"It is very important for us to have this experience in the country. It is the first time that the ISSF Academy has visited us and we will have three spaces to develop the experiences in each of the three weapons." said Mr.  Gerardo Trotta.

The three course tutors were Ms. Lisa Borgerson (Pistol) from Canada, Mr. Leif Rolland (Rifle) from Norway, and Mr. Alfredo Ortiz (Shotgun) from Puerto Rico.

The tutors were extremely impressed with all of the participants. The students took full advantage of the course by asking a lot of questions and taking an active role in the class discussions and workshops. 

“I was very honoured to represent the ISSF Academy as the D-Course Pistol Tutor in Venezuela. We were met with very kind and eager organization and the participants who made this a very rewarding and pleasant experience for the tutors. The dedication shown by the Federation to host and organise the ISSF Academy D-Course is indeed commendable.”  Ms.Lisa Borgerson, (CAN).

“I am very happy to have been the rifle tutor for this inaugural ISSF Academy D course in Venezuela. The students were so eager to learn and there were many questions and worthwhile discussions. Clearly a sign that D - courses are needed and having a very positive effect.” said Mr. Leif Rollland, (NOR).

“As a native Spanish speaker, it was excellent for me to engage directly with the students of the course many of which are colleagues and old friends. The opportunity for all to meet and establish new friendships and to receive support from the wider coaching community, is for me one of the great benefits of the ISSF Academy D course. I must congratulate the organisers for a wonderful job and for the support we received from the staff of the NOC. It has been an honour and a privilege to have been part of this magnificent group.” Said Mr. Alfredo Ortiz, (PUR).

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