Guatemala hosts its first ISSF D-Course in Guatemala City

The ISSF Academy D65 course featured 21 participants from three different countries, and it took place in Guatemala City (GUA) from July 12th to July 14th.

A total of 21 students from three different countries — Guatemala, Mexico and Peru — participated in the ISSF Academy D-Course that was held in Guatemala City (GUA) from the 12th to the 14th of July.


The three-day course was organized by the Guatemala Shooting Federation, who arranged an excellent location, and it covered topics of both Rifle and Pistol disciplines.

“This was one of our main goal for this year and we are so happy that we could manage to have the course,” said Mrs. Yessenia Monzon, President of the Federation. “It is very important that we get more knowledge spread around our country, so it will be better for our members and our region. Now by having this course there will be a better structure, better knowledge.”


“I am looking forward to the future,” she added. “We will also say thank you to our guests from Mexico and Peru who participated in the course.”

The two tutors — Mrs. Sonal Gyorik-Ramendra of India and Mr. Leif Rolland of Norway — were very impressed to learn about the development taking place to promote shooting sport in the country, and they both witnessed first-hand the importance of the course since the students were so eager to learn and had a lot of questions about technique, development, organization and physical training.

Ms Gyorik-Ramendra (IND) said: “The course was a great learning experience. I commend the work and the progressive approach by the federation in educating the coaches. It was great to have such a wide range of ideas from the upbeat and engaged coaches, ranging from beginner to experienced level, that made the course interesting.”

“The D-course is very important,” added Mr. Rolland. “With the knowledge they spread around the world to all the clubs, it goes a long way to develop our sport enormously. More people will have the same level of knowledge and more people will go on to develop our sport. I have seen that through all the questions and discussion we had during the course.”

A key role in the course was provided by the organizer and Sport Manager Mr. Ricardo José, who excelled in managing all the logistic aspects, taking care of transportations, classrooms, coffee breaks, lunches and, most importantly, the translation.

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