ISSF World Championship in Changwon: day 7 preview

52nd ISSF World Championship All Events · Changwon, KOR

For the first time, the world title will be awarded in the Trap Mixed Team Junior event. Double Trap and Running Target events are also part of the daily program.

The seventh competition day at the Changwon International Shooting Centre will see senior and junior athletes compete in different disciplines and events.


Trap Mixed Team Junior


How does it work? Each team in the Trap Mixed Team qualification round shoots 150 total targets: 75 targets per team member, divided in three rounds of 25 targets each. Athletes competing in the qualification phase are divided in squads composed of three teams each. They use all of the five layout stations, and they are allowed to fire two shots at each target. Each team is composed by two shooters: one male and one female. The score of the team is made by the sum of the two individual scores.


Targets are thrown randomly: shooters doesn’t know the angle and the direction of the target. The rotation logic ensures that all teams will shoot the same targets sometimes during the round. The elimination-style final consists of a maximum of 50 targets.


During the final round, teammates alternate in shooting series of five targets, in the order designated by their coach. Athletes shoot from and rotate on station number 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and they are allowed to fire one shot at each target. After five rounds have been completed — or when every team fired five times from each station — the lowest ranking team is eliminated in 6th position. At the end of each of the three following rounds, eliminations in 5th, 4th and 3rd place are determined. There, the two remaining teams have to fire two more complete rounds to decide the gold and silver medalist.


Keep an eye on: Italy’s Teo Petroni and Erica Sessa secured the two Junior World Cup gold medals up for grabs in 2018, climbing atop the podium in both Sydney (AUS) and Suhl (GER).


The title holder: The event will be contest at an ISSF World Championship for the first time.


The final match: The final will take place today at 2:00 pm (UTC+9:00).


Other events


The Double Trap Men event will also award its title, while slow runs will be contested in three Running Target events: 10m Running Target Men, 10m Running Target Men Junior and 10m Running Target Women.


The Double Trap Men Junior and the 10m Running Target Women Junior events will be contested grand prix.

Marco Vettoretti