Mongolia hosts 67th ISSF Academy D-Course for Coaches

The three-day course was held in Ulaanbaatar (MGL), with 43 participants completing the course.

The Mongolian federation — Mongolian Shooting Sport Federation — hosted its first Rifle/Pistol ISSF Academy D-Course, in Ulaanbaatar (MGL) between September 17th and 19th under the auspices of Olympic Solidarity and the National Olympic Committee of Mongolia.


A total of 43 participants attended and successfully completed the course, which was led by ISSF Academy tutors Lisa Borgerson (Pistol) of Canada and Donald McIntosh (Rifle) of the United Kingdom.


The lessons were conducted in English, with Mongolian translation for both lectures and examinations. Excellent facilities were provided by the organisers, ensuring that the course fully covered both technical skills as well as planning and organizational training along with physical training modules.


“Meeting the participants from Mongolia and being part of their growth as eager and enthusiastic coaches was indeed an honour” said Lisa Borgerson. “I look forward to seeing the successes they will have in furthering their development of sport shooting in their country.”


"Shooting Sport in Mongolia already has an excellent track record, particularly in the Women’s Pistol events, and more recently in the Women’s Rifle events.  There is clearly great ambition within their Federation to build on this success among their athletes,” added Donald McIntosh. “This will require a broader base of athletes, with an increased number of coaches to support them. The recently completed D-Course is an important step along the way and the participants on the course showed with great interest and enthusiasm that they want be part of this journey.”

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