Estonia hosted its first EST Course ever in Tallin

A total of 16 participants from six different National Federations participated from October 11th to October 14th. The course was held by the ISSF Technical Director, Mr. Wilhelm Grill.

An ISSF Electronic Scoring System Course was held in Tallin (EST) from the 11th to the 14th of October, marking a historic first-time for the Estonian Shooting Sport Federation.


The four-day course took place at the Centennial Hotel, where 16 participants from six different National Federations — Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Latvia and Sweden — attended the lessons, supervised by the ISSF Technical Director Mr. Wilhelm Grill, who was supported by two assistants, Mr. Kaupo Kiist of Estonia and Mrs. Rosanne Ramos of Brazil. The course was held in English.


“We started from the basics, as participants must learn to identify, draw and measure the hit or the miss, manually,” said Mr. Grill. “Then they have to calculate its value, of course. They must understand the basics so they can explain the result, if a protest situation happens, or if an athlete doesn’t accept the result in a competition.”


The Estonian Shooting Sport Federation Secretary General, Mr. Meelis Loit, was personally present throughout the whole course, displaying great care and hospitality, and confirming his love and support for the shooting sport.


“I was deeply impressed with the welcoming, and I’d like to send a special thank to Mr. Loit, a true gentleman. Estonia has a few number of jury members, but they are all excellent at their job. It’s nice to see this country doing so well and bringing young people forward,” concluded Mr. Grill.


"This was a very interesting course,” said course participant Raivo Deklavs from Latvia. “I’ve been shooting for quite long time, and now I can understand how the result system works and how we can prove the hits value also manually.”

ISSF Press Office