Retiring ISSF Secretary General Schreiber: “become united again”

68th ISSF General Assembly · Munich, GER

Mr. Franz Schreiber shared a farewell message with the Shooting sport family, on his last day of service as ISSF Secretary General.

At the 2018 ISSF General Assembly in Munich, today, retiring Secretary General Franz Schreiber (who did not stand for re-election) shared a farewell message with the Shooting sport family, while at the same time offering his support to the new management for the transition period. 

During his report to the General Assembly, Mr. Schreiber said: 


“I will not stand for re-election. I will fall back to my CEO position. In this position I will be available for a transition period.” 


“Please have only the sport on your agenda. Please leave politics out of your agenda. Please become united again.”

In a farewell message to the Shooting Sport family, which will be published in full in the next ISSF News Magazine, Mr. Schreiber said:

“I did not stand for re-election. Friends and colleagues asked me several times why I took this decision. And indeed, it hasn’t been an easy one,” 

“It is no secret that this four letters, “ISSF”, represented more than simply a job for me. My family has been bounded to the history and to the life of the Federation since President Olegario Vazquez Raña took office in 1980, along with my father Horst Schreiber. I have been serving in the position of Secretary General since 2010 and throughout my career I dedicated 38 years to the federation, which is more than half of my life.”


“When President Olegario Vázquez Raña announced he was going to retire at the end of 2018, I decided not to stand for re-election. I decided that it was time for a change in my life, time to leave space to a new leadership, time to stop and to spend some quality time with my beloved family and to take care of my health.”


“I am proud of the job that I have done and I am grateful for the trust I have been enjoying from President Olegario Vázquez Raña and from the whole Shooting sport family in all these years.”


“In my capacity as Secretary General, I have no doubts that we are passing forward a fully functional, healthy and modern Federation. In these years, our efforts were directed to improve the regulations of the sport, to implement an effective anti-doping system and to state our educational role through the ISSF Academy and the ISSF Workshop for Championship Organizers. We invested in communication, social media, TV distribution, branding and youth programs, in order to keep up with the changing environment. At the same time, the ISSF fostered its transparency and governance, and strengthened its ties with international bodies.”


“While leaving, I wish unity to the Shooting sport family. We are one of the oldest sport, one of the oldest federations in the world, and I am sure that if we stand united, we have a bright future in front of us.” 


“I would like to take this chance to thank all the friends, all colleagues, volunteers, freelancers and the ISSF staff members that have been sharing all this with me in the last 38 years. We had been a great team and we delivered! I would also like to publicly acknowledge thanks and much appreciation to my family for being part of this. My wife Brigitte, my daughter Franziska, my brother Wolfgang and my mother always supported me. Finally and most importantly, I thank Mr. Olegario Vazquez Raña for his leadership, support and trust!”


“Good luck to the new leadership and to the whole ISSF!”

Marco Dalla Dea


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