IOC Women and Sport Awards: there’s time until January 18th

Each year, the trophies are awarded to a person or an organization who brought remarkable contribution to the development, encouragement, reinforcement of women’s participation in sport.

The call for applications for the 2019 IOC Women and Sport Awards is still open.


The two prizes are awarded annually to an individual or an institution with the goal of promoting the upgrade of gender equality in sport, thus recognizing outstanding achievement and contribution made to develop, encourage and strengthen the participation of girls at all levels in order to close the gender gap.


National Olympic Committees and Continental Associations - next to International Federations - are entitled to propose a candidature for the awards. Proposals should be submitted according to the instructions given in the General Rules and Regulations.


The deadline for submission of candidates is January 18th.


The awards were introduced in 2000, highlighting role models and change agents in the pursuit of gender equality. Six trophies are distributed each year, one for each of the five continents and one at world level.

Marco Dalla Dea