Show the “Beauty of Shooting Sport” in a short video, and win with the ISSF

It’s time to get creative and competitive: shoot a short video, show the “Beauty of Shooting Sport” to the world, and win with the ISSF.

This is an online contest which we start to promote the shooting sport for wide audience to get more spectators on our stands and on TV and Internet, to attract young people. The contest is as easy as challenging:

-    edit a short video (max 1 minute) to show the “Beauty of Shooting Sport”, what makes you love this sport.


-    details,

-    emotions,

-    training process,

-    communication,

-    equipment,

-    costumes,

-    competitions,

-    shooting theatre

-    etc.


-    the videos should be sent to the ISSF:

-    since the video is sent the rights to it till the end of the contest belong to ISSF and the video cannot be published or shown anywhere

-    the contest starts since the date of the publishing of this announcement on the ISSF web site and social media resources

-    for the production you can use any equipment or gadgets which are available for you, we don’t expect that participants will use any professional TV equipment

-    the results will be announced in December 2019

-    restrictions:

-    The video cannot include copyrighted footage, music of photos

-    The video cannot show: minors (people under the legal age), nude, violence, animals, aggressive images, religious signs, political signs or political flags.

-    The video cannot include speeches (potentially offensive!)

-    The video cannot include scripts or words in graphics.

All the winners will be specially awarded by the ISSF.

We do wait for your participation and great will to show the Beauty of the Shooting Sport!