Decisions of the ISSF Executive Committee

A meeting of the ISSF Executive Committee in Budapest, Hungary, has made a raft of proposals for the Extraordinary General Assembly in December, including approval for its Constitution.

Along with the ExCo members, H.E. Sheikh Ali Al Khalifa, President of the Asian Shooting Confederation, Carlos Silva Monterroso, President of the Shooting Confederation of the Americas, Hazem Hosny Ahmed, President of the African Shooting Sport Federation, Duaij Al-Otaibi, President of the Arab Shooting Confederation, and Cassio Rippel, the ISSF Athletes Committee member, took part in the meeting.      

After discussions the Executive Committee made the following decisions:

1.    To approve the Agenda of the ISSF Extraordinary General Assembly to be held on December 7, 2019 in Munich, Germany.

2.    To propose the General Assembly reduce the membership fees from 1500 Swiss Francs to 500 US Dollars, starting from 2020.

3.    To propose the General Assembly amend article 3.2.2 of the ISSF General Regulations. In particular:  

- to establish separate World Championships for Rifle/Pistol events and hold them every two years along with the separate World Championships in Shotgun events in the uneven years of the Olympic cycle for Seniors and Juniors;

- to hold World Championships for Juniors in all ISSF disciplines in the even years of the Olympic cycle;  

- to hold the World Championship for Seniors in the second year of the Olympic cycle.

4. To hold meetings of the Continental Confederations with the ISSF leadership on December 6, 2019, on the eve of the General Assembly.

5. To agree with the proposal of the ISSF President, Vladimir Lisin, to distribute part of the Development Fund, established by him, to support the Member Federations that have won Quota Places for Tokyo-2020 Olympic Games according to the following rules: 

-      Each Quota Place won by the athletes in individual events – 10.000 USD; 

-      Quota Places won in Mixed Team events at the 2018 ISSF World Championship – 10.000 USD per Mixed Team;

-      Each Quota Place won by athletes according to the World Ranking  – 10.000 USD; 

-      The Host Federations Quota Places - 10.000 USD for each Quota Place won by the athletes in the Qualifying competitions.

-      Quota Places allocated by the Tripartite Committee – equivalent of 5.000 USD in equipment;

-      In case a Member Federation that has a Quota Place does not use it and this Quota Places is reallocated to another Member Federation the 10.000 USD will be divided in 2 parts: 5.000 USD to the Federation that won the Quota Places and 5.000 USD to the Federation that will sent an athlete to the Games in Tokyo.

-      If some of the Host Federations Quota Places are free for reallocation, the Federation that gets a reallocated Quota Place and sends an athlete to the Games in Tokyo will receive an equivalent of 5.000 USD in equipment;

-      If not all 24 Quota Place are allocated by the Tripartite Committee and some of them are reallocated by the ISSF, the Member Federation that gets a reallocated Quota Place and sends an athlete to the Games in Tokyo will receive an equivalent of 5.000 USD in equipment;

- The grants will be available upon requests of the Member Federations and signing of the Support Agreement.


 6. To suggest the Board of Trustees of the Development Fund to approve several applications of the Member Federations to grant shooting equipment in accordance with the Development Fund regulations.

7. To approve reform of the Coaches’ Education system and the attribution of the ISSF Coaches licenses. To agree upon that this new system will become operational after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.  

8. To approve the second draft of the new version of the ISSF Constitution prepared by the ISSF Statutes and Eligibility Committee that took in account comments and proposals of Member Federations, and to use this draft as the basis for approval by the General Assembly. To send out this new draft to the Member Federation on October 4, 2019, with a suggestion to address possible remarks and additions up to October 25, 2019.  

9. To ask the Athletes Committee make proposals on distribution of the Quota Places for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games in Senegal, taking into account the opinion of the International Olympic Committee.

10. To hold the “Gold Target” award ceremony for the best athlete in each of the 12 Olympic events according to the 2019 Ranking on December 7, 2019, in Munich. The final 2019 Ranking in Shotgun events will be determined after the World Cup Final in Al-Ain, UAE, and in Rifle/Pistol events after the World Cup Final in Putian, China. To cover by the ISSF all travel expenses of the 12 awardees and to ask the respective Member Federation to assist them in arrangements for the trip to Munich.   



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