VAR system is first included in the ISSF Rules

For the first time the VAR system (video assistant referee) is included to the ISSF Rules. This system has been actively used in shotgun since last year. The system minimizes misinterpretation of results and increases the objectivity of refereeing, in connection with which the sport becomes as transparent as possible.

The amended rules include previously approved changes in the format of mixed-team competitions. In particular, in 10m Air Pistol and 10m Air Rifle the number of shots in the qualification was increased, and in the final winners are determined by points. This increases the interests of athletes shooting disciplines more spectacular. These are the rules that will regulate the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

A description has also been added to the procedure for conducting the Olympic event Trap Mixed Team and the format of the event Skeet Mixed teams, which has already been used in competitions throughout 2019.

Changes are made to the ISSF General Regulations, the ISSF General Technical Rules and Shotgun Rules, and entered into force on February 3, 2020.