Video meetings with the Member Federations

Video meetings with the Member Federations

Video meetings of the ISSF President Vladimir Lisin with the Member Federations will take place on December 12th-14th via Zoom.

During these meetings, the Member Federations will get an overview of the ISSF activity and main decisions are taken in 2020. They will also receive information on the realization of the Development Fund programs and the schedule of the 2021-2022 ISSF Championships. Discussion on the further development of the shooting sport on each Continent will take place as well.

Meetings will be held in English - the official working language of the ISSF.

The schedule of meetings (CEST time) is based on the time differences between Munich, Germany, where the ISSF Headquarters is  situated and respective Continents: 


December 12th, Saturday

14.00-15.45 — Continental meeting (Africa)

December 13th, Sunday

17.00-18.45 — Continental meeting (Americas)

December 14th, Monday

10.00-12.00 — Continental meeting (Asia and Oceania)

13.00-15.00 — Continental meeting (Europe)