The Council summed up the results for 2020 and took decision for the future

At the meeting of the ISSF Council that was held on December 13 the ISSF Secretary General Alexander Ratner presented the main results of the ISSF management activities and key decisions approved by the elected bodies in 2020.

Council members were informed of the preparations for the 2020 & 2024 Olympic Games, innovations in the sports program, including work on new competition rules and event formats as well as the introduction of the VAR system (Video Assistant Referee).

The Secretary General announced the modernisation of regulations including significant changes to the ISSF General Regulations and updates to the Guidelines for Organisers of the ISSF Championships. Organising Committees of the 2021-2022 ISSF Championships have already started their work using these in preparation for the upcoming events.

A draft of the Disciplinary Regulations, prepared by the ISSF Statutes and Eligibility Committee, was presented, and Council members were invited to make comments by the end of January 2021, after which time the feedback will be analysed and the document will be submitted for their approval.

Based on applications received and their compliance with ISSF Constitution provisions, the National Shooting Sports Federations of Cambodia and the Faroe Islands, were granted the ISSF Associated Membership.

The Administrative Council decided not to charge membership fees for 2021 due to the unprecedented situation amid the 2020 pandemic.

The Council elected members to 11 Committees including two new ones, Target Sprint and Sustainability, for 2021-2022 by secret ballot. A total of 83 members (31 women and 52 men) were elected representing 36 nations from all continents. Germany has the largest representation of 9 members, followed by 5 members each from Great Britain, Italy and Korea.