Important decision regarding participation in Grand Prix in Morocco and World Cup in Egypt

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic many national and international shooting sport events could not take place in 2020, including the ISSF World Cups in New-Delhi, Munich and Baku as well as the Junior World Championship in Suhl and the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Considering the many cancelled competitions in 2020 and the few opportunities to take part in shooting competitions in these times, in coordination with the Organizers of the two upcoming ISSF Championships a decision has been taken not to apply the limitation for the maximum number of participating athletes from each nation for the ISSF Grand Prix Shotgun to be held from 28 January to 6 February 2021 at Rabat, Morocco, and for the ISSF World Cup Shotgun to be held from 22 February to 5 March 2021 at Cairo, Egypt.

The goal of this exception is to provide more athletes the opportunity for taking part in a high-level competition in the beginning of the new season. Please note that this exception only applies to the maximum number of five athletes as laid down in Article 7.5.4 ISSF General Regulations, but that apart from this Article 7.5.4 remains unaffected (see the following bold marked requirements of Article 7.5.4 ISSF General Regulations):

“In the other ISSF Championships each nation can enter a maximum of five (5) athletes in individual events but only three (3) of them can be registered to compete in the Final for the medals. The other two (2) can only compete for the ranking points.

 Hence, for example, if a nation enters seven (7) athletes into the ISSF Grand Prix in Morocco or the ISSF World Cup in Egypt, only three (3) of these athletes can be registered to compete in the Final for medals, two (2) other athletes can be registered to compete for the 2021 World Ranking points and the remaining two (2) can only take part in the Qualification without earning ranking points. The respective participation status (medals, ranking points, no ranking points) has to be clearly indicated together with the registration of the athlete.

 Further, if a nation enters more than two (2) Mixed Teams or than one (1) Team into the ISSF Championships in Rabat and Cairo, it also has to be clearly indicated at the registration which two (2) Mixed Teams or one (1) Team shall compete for medals. The further Mixed Teams and Teams can take part in Qualification only.