Statement of the new ISSF President Luciano Rossi


“ISSF is now entering a new era. I will give back all that I have learned in my years as a sportsman. The new leadership team will work together in a creative and efficient way to build a brighter future for the shooting sports, from all points of view. I will be supported by a team of expert and competent collaborators in various sectors. We will get to work immediately to solve existing problems and new, concrete plans. But I also want to stress that I plan to unite the ISSF Family and be a President for everyone, for the good of the sport.”

“As the former leadership team has already departed, the urgent priority is to set up new operations of the ISSF offices, including management of all matters related to the media. I ask for your understanding, and patience, if we are not fully operational immediately, but I assure you that this is now our urgent priority. Once we have our structures in place, I look forward to keeping you up to date with regular and clear communications as we build the new ISSF and ensure that it is a valued member of the Olympic family.”

“I’m the new ISSF President and that’s a dream that has finally come true. I am feeling a unique emotion and immense satisfaction that repays great effort and sacrifice. I have been the subject of many personal, attacks over the years but this victory makes all the struggle worthwhile. My heartfelt thanks go out to all those who supported me, from the Federazione Italiana Tiro a Volo to the national federations, to my family, to my campaign team.

I don't want to forget anyone, simply a heartfelt thank you to everyone.”

02nd December 2022






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