Information for the Electronic Scoring Target (EST) System Manufacturers and the Industry

The ISSF intends to reinstate the certification process of Electronic Scoring Targets (EST) Systems after a pause in the previous four years.

Several measures are planned by the ISSF to guarantee full transparency of the process and to ensure that the different certification phases are achievable for all target manufacturers in the industry:
Scientific assessment of the target accuracy testing procedure and evaluation models
Improved documentation for the individual certification phases
More flexibility regarding the location where the accuracy testing of targets can be conducted
The Phase I certification will continue to focus on target accuracy and be using the same accuracy criteria as in the past.
The previously used accuracy verification method will undergo scrutinization by two independent and renowned universities from different continents. This process is planned for Q1 2023.
Subsequently, the detailed documentation of the process and the scientific evaluation will be made available to the industry.

Interested target manufacturers can already sign up for a Phase I target accuracy test today.

Details regarding Phase II and III certification will follow in Q2 2023.

To allow time to reinstate the certification process, the EST certifications that the ISSF handed out after 2016 remain valid until the end of 2024.

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