Skeet Mixed Team Event day in Larnaca, CYP

"Yesterday was good, today was better" - KORTE, Sven

On March 29th the Organizing Committee run the final for Mixed Team Event at the ISSF World Cup Shotgun in Larnaca, CYP. After two matches with strong wind, the event ended with the following results:


Gold Medal: Team of Germani 1

Composed by KORTE Sven and MESSERSCHMIDT Nadine

Silver Medal: Team of Cyprus 2

Composed by ENGLEZOUDIS Petros and ELEFTHERIOU Anastasia

Bronze Medal: Team of Chile

Composed by FLORES BARAHONA Hector Andres and CROVETTO CHADID Francisca


The 4th place was taken by the Team of USA 1, composed by TAYLOR Dustan and RHODE Kimberly.



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