70th Congress of AFEMS in Prague

The President Luciano Rossi today in Prague at the 70th Congress of AFEMS, the Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Munitions. Great prominence was given to President Rossi's speech during the opening ceremony. During the Congress, the issues of environmental protection will be addressed with the major companies in the shooting ammunition sector. Topics such as Equal Gender and the inclusion of the Paralympics in ISSF were illustrated by the President. The inauguration was attended by Mrs. Jana Cernochivà, Czech Defense Minister, Mr. Alexander Vondra, Member of the European Parliament and representatives of the most important manufacturers of sporting ammunition.
President Rossi affirmed that the relationship between AFEMS and ISSF is further strengthened as also the motto of AFEMS reads "Together to be stronger" and as the motto of the President himself reads "Together we are stronger".



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