Athletes Committee Elections 2023

Athletes Committee Elections 2023


During the last days at the ISSF World Championship in Baku more than 650 athletes submitted their vote for the Athletes Committee candidates.


The following individuals have been elected:

  • Damir Mikec (Pistol);
  • Riccardo Mazzetti (Pistol);
  • Cassio Rippel (Rifle)
  • Petar Gorsa (Rifle)
  • Amber English (Shotgun); and
  • Daniele Dispigno (Shotgun).

The number of votes receifed was 663


The full results will be published soon, 

In accordance with Article 14 of the ISSF Constitution the ISSF Executive Committee shall in its next meeting appoint three further members of the Athletes Committee (one (1) of each discipline) from the list of candidates considering that the Athletes Committee must have at least four members of each gender,  the representation of the Continental Confederations and the number of votes received by the athletes. In the following the Athletes Committee Chairman will be elected by and from among the nine (9) members of the Athletes Committee. After the election of the Chairman the athlete with the highest number of votes obtained in the election corresponding to the Chairman’s discipline will be included as tenth (10th) member of the Athletes Committee (see Article 14 of the ISSF Constitution.

We congratulate all the elected candidates and wish them all the best for their work within the ISSF Athletes Committee.


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