Diplomatic Gathering Unites Global Shooting Sports Leadership in Hangzhou

Diplomatic Gathering Unites Global Shooting Sports Leadership in Hangzhou

In a remarkable display of friendship and diplomacy, His Excellency Zhou Jinqiang, the Deputy Sport Minister of the People's Republic of China, extended a warm and gracious dinner invitation to esteemed guests from the world of shooting sports. The dinner, held on the 26th of September at 6:00 PM, took place at the luxurious New Hotel in Hangzhou.

The exclusive event was coloured by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) President His Excellency Luciano Rossi, the ISSF Secretary General His Excellency Willi Grill, the Asian Shooting Confederation (ASC) President His Excellency Sheikh Salman AlSabah, the ASC Secretary General His Excellency Eng. Duaij AlOtaibi, the ASC Vice President His Excellency Kiichiro Matsumaru, the ASC Vice President His Excellency Liang Chung, and ASC Executive Committee member H.E. Boutros Jalkh. This gathering was further enriched by the presence of Ms. Yu Haijuan, Secretary General of the Chinese Shooting Association.

His Excellency Zhou Jinqiang, a warm and welcoming host, treated his guests to a delicious meal that included Chinese and international dishes, showing them the best of Chinese hospitality. The evening was marked by lively conversations, exchanges of ideas, and the creating of new alliances that promise to propel the sport of shooting to greater heights on the international stage.

The event was not just a dinner but a celebration of the unity and shared goals that continue to drive the international shooting sports community forward.



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