ISSF Judges Committee regenerating Instructors Workshops and Training Courses in first post-Pandemic meeting

In its first meeting since the pandemic, the ISSF Judges Committee has laid plans to regenerate its programme of Instructors Workshops and Judges’ Training Courses.

The landmark session took place at the ISSF Headquarters in Munich with ISSF President Luciano Rossi and Secretary General Alessandro Nicotra di San Giacomo in attendance.

“For many years we have not had Judges’ Courses,” Ghislaine Briez, the Judges Committee chair, told ISSF. “We started again in 2023.”

The Committee heard that 20 ISSF Judges’ Courses were completed last year.

“We have been without Instructors Workshops for eight years, and we are starting again in 2024,” Briez added.

Work is proceeding to bring together instructors from Europe, the United States and Asia.

This in turn will enable a programme of Judges’ Courses to be held after the Paris 2024 Games.

“We have already had applications for 14 different courses from eight countries,” Briez added.

The Committee reviewed a list of proposed Judges’ Courses  due to take place in 2024.

This includes the Shotgun Referees’ Courses, B licences Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun and Electronic Scoring Target (EST) Course.

Additionally, the Committee plans to conduct the first ISSF Judges course for Target Sprint licencing.

During the meeting, Briez highlighted that many instructors are engaged with the Olympic and Paralympic games; therefore, the Judges’ courses will be scheduled after the Paris Olympic Games.

The ISSF will upload course materials onto the ISSF website to assist National Shooting Federations (NSFs) with the training and development of judges.

Paul Gumn, from the ISSF technical committee, who will be responsible for creating these materials, shared his insights on the impact of national level Judges’ courses.

Notably, he pointed out that countries conducting these courses have experienced a marked increase in the success rate of participants in the International ISSF judges’ course.

Gumn is in the process of revising the training guidelines to ensure they are concise and clear, aiming to facilitate judges' understanding of their responsibilities and duties.

A distinct set of guidelines is being developed for Jury members to aid them in comprehensively understanding their roles and responsibilities in orchestrating successful events.

On the subject of Jury designations for the ISSF World Championships, World Cups and Grands Prix it was decided for 2025 to appoint four members in each discipline: one from the relevant committee, two nominated by national federations, and one from the host country.

The other members of the Judges Committee present – either in person or remotely - were Patrik Johansson of Sweden, Lan Huang of China, Maria Marcia Cleofas of Philippines, Pawankumar Singh of India, Kostakis Xenofontos of Cyprus, Nicola Tegoni of Italy and Christian Michael of Germany.

Paul Gumn and special invitee Marco Mori were present as guests. Doris Fischl from the ISSF HQ was also present.






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