Châteauroux Hosts Key Planning Meetings for the Launch of ISSF House

In anticipation of the Olympic Games in Paris 2024, Châteauroux has played host to pivotal planning meetings today under the leadership of Alessandro Nicotra di San Giacomo, Secretary General of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF). These discussions, conducted in collaboration with ISSF members and local authorities, will finalise the strategic planning and delivery of the groundbreaking ISSF House.


ISSF House is poised to become the central hub of celebration and collaboration, offering a warm embrace to athletes and stakeholders from the global shooting community during the Olympic Games. In today's deliberations, Secretary General Nicotra di San Giacomo examined each facet of the House, to ensure that the highest standards of innovation and hospitality are upheld.


Tomorrow marks yet another significant milestone as the Secretary General convenes with the French Shooting Federation (FFTIR) at the Châteauroux National Tournament, for the test events of the Olympic Games. This gathering serves as a critical trial for operational and broadcast areas in anticipation of the Olympic Games.


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