ISSF Road to Paris 2024 looks Inside The Minds of ISSF Athletes

Featuring Olympic highlights and exclusive big-name interviews all the way to the Games Opening Ceremony on July 26

ISSF's Road to Paris 2024 is back today with a special episode focusing on the psychology behind the most successful #ShootingSport athletes on the planet.

Martina Lučić and Jamie Stangroom speak with former athlete and coach turned psychologist, Pierre Beauchamp, about the mental aspects needed to compete at the pinnacle of the sport. 

This 20-part ISSF documentary countdown to the Olympics and Paralympics, hosted by Martina and Jamie, will take the sport’s followers all the way through to the Games Opening Ceremony on July 26.

En route it is revisiting some of the biggest Olympic moments and feature exclusive interviews with some of shooting sport’s top names.

Find the latest ISSF Road to Paris 2024 episode here:



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