Finals 10m Air Rifle Women

Spotlight on Youth - From Austria with love (and great supporters)

ISSF World Cup Rifle / Pistol · Munich, GER

Lisa Ungerank's last winning shot was loudly welcomed by her friends - standing on the stages to support her. “They make me feel both nervous and self-confident!”, she said.

10m Air Rifle Women: second Final event in the first competition day of the World Cup – after the same discipline being contested by Men (and won by Yang Haoran). The match kicks off: 3 shots, Chang Jing gets the lead with a 31.3 score and Lisa Ungerank is 2nd (31.2); 6 shots, the 1st place goes to both Emilie Evesque and Lisa Ungerank - paired at 62.6 and pushing down the Chinese athlete to the 5th spot. Then, the elimination rounds start; Lisa gets 1st (Nikola Mazurava out); Evesque back to the top (Andrea Arsovic out); Lisa down to the last position (N. Emamgholine out); Lisa climbs up (2nd ,while China's Yi Siling out) and then keeps her rank (Jessica Mager out).


Here we go: the only shooters left are Austria's Lisa Ungerank and China's Chang Jing, the latter's primacy being not too strong (186.2 vs Lisa's 185.6). Then come the 2 final shots: Lisa scores 10.5 and 10.0, Chang Jing just 9.9 and 10.2. Not enough to hold the command, which shifts to Lisa's hands. Now, no more shots to go: the announcer calls the results and gives the news to the audience: “Lisa Ungerank just won the Gold medal at the 10m Air Rifle Women event!”


A group of people immediately stand up and start cheering up their favourite athlete, singing her name: “Super Lisa!” is the chant they raise up to the air, before running down the shooting range and giving Lisa a great hug, to celebrate the win.


Just the time to wear the Gold medal, and Lisa is ready to comment on her latest success: “It's unbelievable, – says the Austrian shooter – I still need time to realize that I won my first World Cup.”


An achievement which actually comes from her native country: “I began shooting 8 years ago, – explained Lisa – when my father invited me to try it in my hometown. I had fun and then just continued!”


Her passion for shooting drove her to hard work (cycling, running and technical trainings) and great results (already 2 Gold medals in this current year). Labour and commitment, but also support - from their family and friends: “I'm really thankful to them, - said Lisa – they're really of great help to me. If I make it to Rio 2016, I'm sure they would come to watch my games!”


What's next? “I want to qualify for the next European Championships and the Granada World Cup.” That was a wish, but also a plan communication for her fans: now, they know where the next stops are gonna be. Lisa and her supporters: so far, definitely a functioning team.

Alessandro Ceschi


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