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Trap Men: Spain's outsider Bailon beat four Olympians to win Gold

ISSF World Cup Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun · Munich, GER

First-time finalist Antonio Bailon, from Spain, beat titled opponents at his debut, at the 2014 ISSF World Cup in Munich. Missing only one target throughout the two-day Trap Men competition, he turned the table to competition, finishing in the spotlights three months before the ISSF World Championship that will take place on his home turf, in Granada, next September.

Perfect weather conditions and an ideal set-up led to excellent results at today's Trap Men event, at the ISSF World Cup in Munich, Germany.


Only the bests went on: the qualification stage ended up with seven athletes tied atop of the scoreboard with 124 hits out of 125 targets. After the qualification shoot-off, out of the six shooters who made it to the semi-final, four were former Olympic finalists, and three of them Olympic medallists.


So, imagine the surprise when an outsider, the first-time finalist Antonio Bailon, from Spain, beat them all to win the Gold medal.


The 30-year old shooter had only participated once in an international ISSF event before, at the 2013 ISSF World Championship in Lima, Peru. There, he had placed far from the final, in 33rd place.


Today, he definitely improved his records, qualifying with 124 hits out of 125 targets, and then hitting all the semi-final and Gold medal match targets to beat Italy's 2012 Olympic Silver medallists Massimo Fabbrizi.


Indeed, Bailon missed only 1 target out of 155. One single target out of a two-day event, competing neck and neck with some of the most titled shooters of the world.


“It's my first international medal and I am feeling so happy and fortunate. Let's hope it's not the last one!” The Spanish winner said, wearing the Gold.


“Today's was my first international final ever. When it started-off I was feeling nervous, but shot after shot I regrouped and found my rhythm.” He added. “When Fabbrizi lost that target in the Gold medal match, I knew I was going to win. I zeroed in and shot straight right to the end.”


London 2012 Olympic Silver medallist Massimo Fabbrizi, 36, from Italy, was running for the Gold, when he lost that target during the Gold medal match. A fatal mistake, in a day like this.


“I am happy to bring back home a medal.” Fabbrizi said, shaking his head, looking at the scoreboard. “Look at this... scores have been terrific: I've only missed two targets out of 155 clays, out of two days, and I am just wearing a Silver medal... It has been tough.”


“I am preparing for the European Championships and then for the World Championship. Everybody is getting ready for that competition, and it won't be easy. Basically, every world cup this year has been a lead up to the world championship.” Fabbrizzi concluded.


Today's Bronze medal went to Kuwait' Fehaid Aldeehani, who pocketed his second medal in a row after stepping upon the podium of the last ISSF World Cup in Almaty. The 47-year old Bronze medallist of the 2012 Games passed through the semi-final with 14 hits, and then beat Great Britain's Edward Ling (31) in the Bronze medal match 15 to 14 hits.


The 2008 Olympic Champion David Kostelecky (39) from the Czech Republic, and Anton Glasnovic of Croatia (33) placed in fifth and sixth place with 13 hits in the semi-final, after loosing a shoot-off to access the Bronze medal match against Ling.


After yesterday's Trap Women finals and today's Trap Men competition, the 2014 ISSF World Cup in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun events will continue tomorrow, when the first Rifle medals will be assigned. Follow the match on


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